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Bespoke fashion designs

(This is a perfect opportunity if your looking for a designer to draw up industry standard garment designs ready for fashion production from any part of the world due to my online presence.

(For sales/enquiries use the Contact Us button on the menu above)                            

The black and pink beaded blazer
Vintage style red coat
Monochrome class jacket
Simply studded leather jacket

Bespoke custom clothing service


(For sales/enquiries use the Contact Us button on the menu above)

Before & After bustier top

Exquisitely hand beaded bustier top.

Before and after wedding bag

Exquisitely hand embellished clutch bag.

Before & After

Its all about the detail here adding stylish buttons transforms this plan jumper and shorts combo.

Custom leather skirts

This skirt was beautifully hand studded to create a unique look. (To order)

Before & After

From plain dress to fabulously embellished! (This is a service for you to send me clothing to rework only)

Hand painted leather trousers

These trousers were hand painted with angelus leather paint (To order)

Purple & pink corset

Exquisitely reworked embellished corset (To order)

Before & After

Beautiful purple jewels transforms this plain skirt into party wearing attire.

Before & After heels/bags

Exquisitely hand painted using specialist leather paints


Hand painting and embellishing shoes (To order)

Before & After

Exquisitely hand beaded bustier dress.

The only fools jacket

I reworked this jacket a few years ago for the official ofahs exhibition in London.

The pink Barbie bag

I like finding unusual buttons and beads to hand sew onto things. (To order)


This took months to complete the sewing and fixing rhinestones and crystals to this jacket. (To order)


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